Who Can Join

Our field of membership includes individuals who work in or reside in Cass and Ransom Counties of North Dakota and Clay and parts of Ottertail counties in Minnesota.

Once a member, always a member…once a person becomes a member, their membership may continue until they close their account regardless of whether they continue to be in our field of membership.

A person who wishes to obtain membership as an immediate family member must be related to a current member. Immediate family member is defined as: Spouse, Child, Parent, Step-child, Step-parent and Adoptive Relationships.

How Do I Become A Member

Membership in United Savings Credit Union begins when an individual deposits $25.00 into a regular share account. Each member is an owner of this credit union and shares the above common bond known as our field of membership.


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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